facebook pic 2Hi, we’re Kim and Hannah. Two sisters and mums from South Devon blogging about family life. We love living in the country, good grub, carboot sales and hanging out with our children (not necessarily in that order).


We want to share our story with you.

Hello, I’m Kim co-founder and co-creator of sisterkin. I’m mum to two year old twins Martha and Freddie. After a scary start when they were born ten weeks premature, they are now a rough and tumble bundle of fun. When I can find time I love sewing and making things for my home. I re-located from London back to Devon when I had the twins, and having spent my thirties travelling around the world I am now happy to be settled here in the West Country with my lovely husband and family.


IMG_0151 IMG_0073

Hi, I’m Hannah (the younger sister). Aswell as being half of sisterkin, I am also a self-employed wedding and portrait photographer with my own successful business. My life is spent juggling work and looking after my three beautiful children; seven year old Bill a Lego loving bookworm, three year old Ettie who loves choosing her own outfits and is very specific in what hairstyles she wants (the side plait is her particular favourite at the moment), and finally two year old Jude the independent baby of the family. Oh, and not forgetting my loveable DIY obsessed husband.

Awesome Eveleigh family-5 IMG_0276

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