What I think about when I think about CBeebies

I am not proud to say it but my children watch a fair amount of TV. I am not proud to say it but I know the CBeebies schedule off by heart and often plan my routine around it. However, despite my middle-class guilt I do believe there is no shame in enjoying what the BBC so caringly provide for us parents. I salute their worthy encouragement – pushing my children to use their imaginations, to increase their vocabulary, to boost their knowledge of the world,  to look around themselves, to care for the environment – all while passively watching Wussywat. And at least my bourgeois heart can rest assured that a healthy wholemeal dose of CBeebies is a zillion times better than the sugar-saturated, advert-laden Milkshake (Channel Five) crammed full of crap and teeth-grindingly bad presenters feeding off the unending popularity of Peppa Pig.

Occasionally when the world becomes too much and I need a simpler outlook on life I find myself tuning into (or indeed zoning out to) CBeebies. The following is what enters my head while I am slack on the sofa, eyes gazing unseeing at the screen.

Let’s Go Club – Who commissioned this? Dear BBC why don’t you just call it Why Don’t You? and have done with it?

Peter Rabbit – I wonder if I can decorate my house in the style of Mrs Rabbit’s hollow tree. The same goes for Bing, Tilly and Friends and Kazoops.

My Pet and Me – Why are the presenters singing the theme tune? Why? Not enough auto-tune in the world…

Katie Morag – Could I pull off a welly/kilt combo? Dungarees like Grannie Island? Fair Isle sweater like mum. Or a red beanie like Neilly Beag?

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures – How did inept Andy get promoted to head of department at the Natural History Musuem..ahem..National Museum? Especially since he is always disappearing while at work. Not so fond of Andy in his management role. He seems to have lost his charm some how. And yet despite this I am still mildly jealous of Jen.

Get Well Soon – Eyebrows. Just eyebrows.

Spot Bots – What has Mr Bloom done to be so shockingly demoted to a non-speaking part as a weird wizard and a creepy merman? I mean that is a severe career downturn for sure. And that robot mum, her voice is so familiar… ah, yes thank you Google – Dinner Date voiceover lady.

Justin’s House – What does Robert the Robot look like without a silver face. According to Mumsnet this is a popular thought. Thank Goodness I am not alone in  my perversions.

Minibeast Adventure with Jess – Stop. Whispering. At. Me.

And then before I know it it’s time to get up and make tea (to be served after Peter Rabbit, of course) and then off with the box. Unless it’s Friday and Charlie and Lola is on. That is my absolute favourite!

What do you think about when you think about CBeebies? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “What I think about when I think about CBeebies

  1. Ha! Mine don’t watch that many of these (coz ya know…youtube obsessed!) but Katie Morag is popular and my only thought is “COULD THEY NOT HAVE THOUGHT OF A PRETTIER NAME THAN MORAG?!” Everytime I hear it, it takes me back to Neighbours in the 80s!

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  2. So glad I’m not the only one that spends the whole of Justin’s house (such an annoying theme tune at 6am!) wondering what the silver robot looks like!! I always wonder if it’s Chris from that other really really annoying programme, Show me Show me! I do agree with you though that they can be quite educational, even for us adults! Besides, tv can be a god send when cleaning up after lunch. Xx

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    1. I have learnt everything I know about science, sport, the human body and buildings from Nina. Dr Raj also taught everything I never needed to know about headlice. And Balamory taught me that some actors will do anything for a buck. Thanks for commenting x

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  3. I’m so glad it’s not just me who has weird thoughts through kids programs! We’re a total CBeebies house here, I was distraught when my Mother mentioned that X had been watching Peppa Pig at hers… that beast is banned!

    Oh, and I once had a conversation with Steve Kynman (who plays Robert the Robot) on Twitter about Shakespeare – I flipping love him, I was made up!

    I love spotting actors who are well known now for other things in kids shows – like Miles Jupp as Archie in Balamory.

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  4. I watch loads of TV, used to feel guilty but hell with it better to have a fun and chilled at mama. Plus Twirly Woos, alpha blocks helped my speech delayed son a lot. They learn so much from ceebies and it is life saver when to be honest completely pooped! I always think Katie Morag has huge bollocks for wearing no tights in Scotland as it looks an isolated place that would catch the breeze especially during the winter episodes X #marvmondays

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  5. I loved this post! I had always felt pretty guilty about letting the little one veg out in front of cbeebies, but after reading this I actually feel like it IS rather wholesome, and actually perhaps quite a good thing 😉 I particularly loved that I am not the only one to wonder what Robert the Robot actually looks like #MumThoughts 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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  6. Hehe I chuckled and nodded my way through this post! We LOVE Peter Rabbit in this house (my girls have a competition to see who can shout ‘Peter Rabbit’ first when the theme tune comes on!), and of course it means I need to hurry because, as you say, the final countdown to teatime has begun! My favourite it Katy Morag – nice and laidback 🙂 #MarvMondays

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