Teach Yourself Twinglish

Ever heard of cryptophasia? Nah? Me neither until I googled twin talk and this word showed up. Cryptophasia is a phenomenon of a language developed by twins (identical or fraternal) that only the two children could understand. How about that!

Now I don’t for a minute think that my twins are fluent in cryptophasian(?) but they certainly do have some odd words that have fallen into current vernacular. Obviously, this is because they easily understand each other and converse between themselves more and more. It also could be due to their poor listening skills and my lazy diction. Both of which almost nearly made me crash the car on the dual carriageway when Freddie mispronounced our destination – Buckfast

…don’t make me clarify that. You’ll have to work it out for yourselves I’m afraid.

Anyway I thought I’d introduce you to a few more little gems that have become part of the lingua franca in our house.

Yest-overs – when mummy serves you food from the day before.

Sofacate – what will happen to your brother if you pile all the cushions from the settee on his head.

Play on the ‘pluter – what daddy does at work all day.

Spaghetti lemonade – similar to spaghetti Bolognese, in fact exactly like spaghetti Bolognese.


Upside – not exactly the garden and not exactly upstairs. The imaginary space in-between.

Grandma’s house – The place where grandma lives and where grandad can occasionally be found. Under no circumstances is this grandad’s residence. He is simply a house guest that Grandma very kindly let’s hang around.

Grandmother dear –  If you read your children too many fairy stories they will inevitably refer to grandma thus.

The doctor on the bus says any more fares – Because who under the age of 40 knows what a conductor is?

Sweet home – where you go at the end of the day or after preschool. As in
                             “Where are we going, mummy?”
                             “Home sweet home.”
                             “Noooooooo!!! Don’t want to go sweet home.”



How about your children? Do they have any funny words or amusing sayings? Please share them with us as we always love reading your comments.

Cheers lovers xxx




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11 thoughts on “Teach Yourself Twinglish

  1. Twinglish 😍😍😍 they are lovely. Dex isn’t much of a talker yet but when he does it is hilarious. He has a special language he uses with his cousin (who I look after). Nobody has any idea what they are saying. #bestandworst

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  2. Hello! It’s my first time visiting you. I love the photos on this blog. The last one in this post is gorgeous. It’s funny how we create our own special language and terms. I can remember talking to my friend when I was 3 and I remember we had our own language. Now I just have a lot of north-easternisms that I keep surprising my husband with! #BloggerCLubUK

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    1. Thank you – Hannah takes all the photos (it’s her day job!). Oh I love regional words and dialects as I am a Devonian born and bred. Of course I am handing down the Devon dialect to my kids (my husband is from Lancashire). Cheers me luvver xxx


  3. I have heard of this it’s very interesting to me. Did you ever see that film with Jodie Foster? Two twins developed their own language, I remember seeing it with my mother and for some reason we got the giggle in the cinema, I can still quote the movie (‘Tree in the wind!’) and make her laugh. Anyway my kiddo has speech delays and has many incredibly cute mutterings, my fave are – it’s wainy (raining), daddy’s dike (daddy’s bike) and teetadall (triangle).

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  4. Awww love spaghetti lemonade it’s great you’ve got a record of these. I tried to record certain things with Monkey but failed miserably! Although he did use to say Wub you instead of love you! So cute. He’s grown up so quickly that I’ve forgotten the others. Will be carrying round a notebook with the second. Thank you for joining us at #Bloggerclubuk hope to see you again this week X

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  5. hehe these are so cute. I wonder if we would understand if we heard then? My daughter saying washing meeeen for washing machine…and wheat instead of eat…so adorable!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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