Dear Charity Shop


Dear Charity Shop,

I have loved you for a long time my dearest Charity Shop. For the past two decades I have raked your treasures and idled amongst your aisles. You have clothed me and my children, provided vintage finds, some hardcore bargains and objects I didn’t know I needed (but did). I have bragged about you, been loyal to you and shared heart-soaring moments with you. I have cherished our relationship and you in return have always been there to lift my spirits with a root and a rummage.

Do you remember that day when I found a red sixties swing coat amongst the rails. Oh Boy, what a day! Or the time I had terrible blisters from cheap ill-fitting shoes and you provided me with come brand new Birkenstocks. A truly miraculous find! I will never share moments like that with anyone else..

But no longer charity shop. You’ve changed. You used to be so humble with your rickety racks and broken book bins. But now where you were once scruffy and charming (and occasionally a bit whiffy) you are now groomed and manicured. Oh, Charity Shop when will you learn you are not and never will be a boutique. Fancy wallpaper and coordinating colour schemes will never hide the fraying seams or faded fabrics that first attracted me to you. A shallow ploy to make you more “high-street”. I can see right through you.

And yet I forgave you that, you just wanted to look nice for the punters and that’s fine. But then your newly acquired good-looks gave you an over-inflated opinion of your worth. You were once so humble with prices below a couple of quid. And now you want to charge me Β£5 for a George at Asda T-shirt with a dated design and stained under-arms that I could buy new for less. That hurts Charity Shop, that hurts.

I no longer find any joy among your shelves and racks. There are no more jewels in the junk. You seem to have muddled the difference between used and vintage. Between donated and desirable. You have become an empty advertising hoarding. Take a look at yourself Charity Shop, nothing more than a tattered TK Maxx. A jaded jumble of pilling and rags at extortionate prices helping no one, least of all yourself.

So Charity Shop though it breaks my heart I am leaving you. I have found something new. Something that doesn’t hide its second-hand status and something that can provide me with all the bargains and oddities that I require in my life.

I am eloping with Carboot Sale.

Goodbye my love,

Kim x



To all my charity shop buddies. You know who you are. xxx

Do you agree that charity shops are becoming too expensive? Have you ever snapped up a great bargain? Let us know….


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21 thoughts on “Dear Charity Shop

  1. I have a number of favourites I like to visit each week. In terms of clothes I’d prefer to shop there than at a carboot sale. Yet to find a decent piece of clothing at one of them. In fact I think carboot sellers can ask for too much. #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. Yes, you are probably right on the clothes front. I am just riled as my fav shop had a unwarranted makeover and the prices sky-rocketed (still a fan of other charity shops though). And there is a fab local carboot (with bargains galore). But your right a lot of carbooters don’t actually want to flog their wares. Thanks for commenting xxx


  2. Brilliant post, so true. There are some treasures still left though, just harder to find now. It’s incredible what people throw-away, so many items of clothing warn once and disposed of. #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. They are certainly not as useful to visit as they used to be. Car boots seem to vary but there are definitely some good ones around πŸ™‚ #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. Yup, here at sisterkin we know the best ever carboot! So good that the last one we went to Hannah declared better than her wedding day!! Sorry, but I can not disclose the location. xxx


  4. We used to live near Weybridge in Surrey and you should see what turns up in charity shops there – brand new designer shoes and outfits with tags on or worn just once by footballers’ wives and celebrities who wouldn’t be seen dead in the same outfit twice. Visit Weybridge and you might change your mind!! #twinklytuesday

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  5. Too funny, but oh so true! As a charity shop lover too, I have been rather disappointed recently to find the over priced used goods and the cheek of selling something from Primark to what it would be NEW! Its insulting haha I go nuts when I find a “cheap charity shop”, which are few and far between these days and ALWAYS say, why cant all charity shops charge these prices?!?!?!?!?
    I love 30p/50p bins in the kids sections instead of like Β£4 for some tat some other kid has destroyed! x #bestandworst

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    1. Oh yes, cheap charity shops are few and far between these days. I don’t understand why some managers can’t see when stuff is worn out. I feel like shouting “this needs to go in the bin!!” Thanks for your lovely comment xxx


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