In the Garden – Part 1 (Spring)

So spring has sprung here in the Sisterkin household and we are more than ready to get out in the garden. We have big plans ahead this year. Last year we built a small vegetable patch and the kids and I are in talks about what exactly to grow there: me – beans, Martha – carrots, Freddie – sausages. We also intend to grow lots more flowers from seed and replace some of the evil gravel that covers half of our plot.


Who doesn’t love a sunflower? We did try to grow some last year but unfortunately they became slug fodder before they even reached ankle height. This year we have learnt from our mistakes and have planted them early and will keep them indoors until they are big enough. The twins love a little bit of competition so we have labelled the pots and can see who’s sunflower grows the tallest. Hopefully we’ll get some right whoppers. Watch this space.

Step 1 Push the seed in
Step 2 Cover with compost
Step 3 Pat it down (alot)
Step 4 Chase your sister around the garden with your muddy hands



I am so excited about this. As you can see from the picture the patch is pretty bare at the moment. The kids and have dug over the soil and planted some raspberry canes. We also have some broadbeans to go in and later some courgettes and tomatoes. Whether we will get some produce remains to be seen but the kids love getting involved. In fact if Freddie had his own way he would be in the garden digging day and night.

Get involved my son



Making mud pies

I have seen this one Pinterest and loved the idea of a space in the garden where the kids can make a mess and dig to their heart’s content. I have already divided our garden into mine – flowers beds, sun-house, peace and quiet(!) and kids – mud kitchen, play-house, digger on a bed of gravel. These are a work in progress which is what I love about gardening. You can make plans, change plans, consult the kids, lounge around the garden scheming, make a mess, tidy up, watch things grow and learn.

Yup, all of us are learning. And it’s great fun!


By Kim x

What plans do you have for your garden? And do you have any tips for us on gardening with kids – please let us know!

Best of Worst


15 thoughts on “In the Garden – Part 1 (Spring)

  1. I don’t know what I’m more excited about. Growing sausages (good shout out Freddie). The kids sunflower growing competition (going to pinch that idea) or the mud kitchen. Yep hands down the mud kitchen. Lovely blog post and I’m truly inspired #bestandworst Renee @peonieandme

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    1. Thank you. Yes, that sausage tree is going to change the world. I will be posting regular garden updates (weather permitting) so keep your eyes peeled for those enormous sunflowers. x


  2. We’re installing a fairy garden on our allotment this year and I’m not sure who’s more excited – me or BB! Also, crushed up egg shells and coffee granules are just the job to deter those pesky slugs #bestandworst

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  3. Love the sound of the mud kitchen and the idea of dividing the garden so you have your area and the kids have theirs. We’ve been planting sunflowers too and having read your comments about the slugs last year, I’m tempted to plant a couple more and keep them indoors just in case! #coolmumclub

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  4. Love these ideas! We are mdway through this years project – the garden renovation. Had a garage removed and working out the new space…definitely want some kind of gardening area the kids are allowed to mess with – a mud kitchen is a fab idea!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub, beautiful pics x

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  5. We love spending time gardening and growing things. I have lots of posts on my blog about it. We are in the middle of creating a Peter Rabbit miniature garden. #FabFridayPost

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  6. This is fab. I want to get into gardening as I’m living with my mum at the moment and she has a sizeable garden (which she hates). However she won’t let me on the grounds that it’s “too much work to maintain.” I might try to convince her with some of these ideas. Thanks for linking up with #FabFridayPost

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  7. These activities sound like fun. I love that you can grow sausages! lol! I think chasing your little sister with dirty hands will be Ethan’s most like activity too. Your photos are so adorable! Do tag #ExplorerKids in IG. We love to see them in the gallery. Good luck with the sunflower growing this year. Looking forward to see them flourish soon! We have a very small garden – so the trampoline already took up most of the space… (not such a good mum – I know…)

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost xx

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