January – Start as you mean to go on…

I’ll come clean with you, I am typing this while eating a hot cross bun. For breakfast. In January. I have slipped straight from mince pies to Easter treats. And all without a morsel of remorse or a crumb of guilt.

If you are reading this having just completed an early morning jog – I salute you. If you are reading this whilst shunning the Sauvignon – I applaud you. I understand why people want to ‘get fit’ in January or reel in their drinking following the festive gluttony. I will not sneer at you for filling my Facebook feed with the efforts you are making to improve yourself in January. Far from it. I humbly encourage you. I whole-heartedly admire you.

It’s just not for me.

January is the month that arrives with a bang and fizzles out in frosty mornings and floods. It’s a hang-over of a month. Full of grey clouds and inertia. Why don’t we just go along with that? Why struggle against nature. January is a month to prepare for the year ahead slowly, easing yourself into it like a cold bath. I don’t want to make January any harder than it already is.

I suppose the thing that baffles me is our first world need to do thing in extremes. So in  December we feel compelled to over-eat, over-drink, over-spend and oh-be-joyful! And then suddenly the guilt of all this over-indulgence crashes down on us, so we must self-flagellate with an app that tells us how many steps we need to do. Personally I don’t need January to be my hair shirt of shame. I would rather that it was my thermal vest of warmth,  shielding  me from the elements and the year ahead.

So maybe when the mornings get lighter and the sky gets brighter I will dust off my trainers (I can hear my husband raising a disbelieving eyebrow from here). When the sap starts rising then maybe so will my energy levels. Until then I refuse to be sucked in.

So I’ll top up my tea and enjoy my early Easter offerings and slide into this 2016 as comfortably as I can.


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20 thoughts on “January – Start as you mean to go on…

  1. I like your plan! I have been carrying on enjoying my treats & feeling guilty that I’m not getting fit. I’ve had a few feeble attempts at dieting but it’s not happening yet & now I blame the grey & gloomy month of January. I’m going to embrace it & focus on fitness in the spring 🙂 x #fartglitter

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  2. Ha ha! I may have indulged in a hot cross bun or two last week too! I totally get what you mean about January – it’s not the time for punishing regimes or detoxes. Its a time to be kind to yourself. Lovely post. #marvmondays

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  3. I love this plan. I fully intended to shun the diet and spend January cocooned on the sofa eating left over chocolate. I’ve had a few bumps along the way though including the time I stepped on the scales on 2nd Jan. Big mistake. I have therefore been swinging between guilty “just stop stuffing food in your face” moments and “Meh, it’s January, it’s miserable, I’ll just make it better with a bit of cake”. Bring on Spring I say! :0) x #marvmondays

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  4. Good for you. I’m off to check see how many steps I did today. Does it still count if I started trying to better myself in December? 😉
    Just actually salivated at the thought of a hot cross bun-,yum!

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  5. The cold months are too hard without giving myself a break and having some comfort food and the warm months are no fun without cracking open a cool beer and getting out the BBQ so that leaves… #marvmondays

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      1. He he! I never make fitness goals – there is no point for me as I HATE all that stuff. I am attempting to declutter my house instead – more instant results! x


  6. Mmmm that hot cross bun sounds so good! I am that person who dusted off the running shoes, BUT I have been promising myself I will do it since last summer…and on the 2nd Jan I did my first run in over 18 months, so I’m grateful for the incentive. Will it last? Who knows? But, I am certainly enjoying polishing off the chrimbo goodies and have had two very indulgent weekends away so I’m no saint! Thanks for sharing your hot cross bun with #coolmumclub (if only!) xxx

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  7. Totally with you on this one! I’m all about things in moderation, so why not start as you mean to go on. Lets be realistic and just spread out all our good intentions across the year ;-). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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