Corners of my Home – Christmas decorations

Pom pom wreath

Hello and welcome to my festive filled house. My decorations are many (more is more) and varied. I don’t have one colour palette and the kitsch levels are sky high.

Last year my great aunt gave me a box of vintage baubles which I treasure. I also adore my pom pom wreath (see above and below) handmade by the local WI. Come on in and take a look around….

Reindeer cushion

I make no apologies for the eclectic nature of my decorations. To me this is what Christmas is all about. Homemade, sentimental and colourful.

Slightly scary angel tree topper. Family heirloom.

OK, so maybe some things are slightly tasteless. Like this angel. However, traditon dictates that she sits atop the tree every year. Like a stern head-mistress overseeing the procedures with disdain.

Baubles – old, new and angry birds.

Isn’t a shame that tinsel has fallen out of favour in recent years? Isn’t it? Oh, just me then!

Vintage bell

Of course, the kids help decorate the tree (I do have a fiddle when they are upstairs). The tree is also decked with some handmade decorations, that I hope will last and still adorn our tree when the kids are all growed up.

Another scary fairy. Theme?

I think this fairy hung on my great aunt’s tree every year. It smacks of long ago Christmases, when stockings were stuffed with clementines and walnuts, not ipads and Elsa dolls. Good times!!

Wooden nativity. Future family heirloom

I’m not religious, but I do think it’s important (for the children) to have a reminder of why we are celebrating Christmas. This wooden nativity is a good prompt and prop for explaining the story of Jesus’s birth.

Fairy lights – love ’em.

I’ll admit it I have a slight fairy light addiction. When I say slight I mean severe. I’ll probably leave these up til next Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Merry Christmas y’all

love Hannah xxx




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17 thoughts on “Corners of my Home – Christmas decorations

  1. I love it! And I am right with you on the children knowing why Christmas is celebrated. I don’t thing everyone has to be religious, but the story of the nativity should be part of everyone’s Christmas.
    The green fairy is the same one we had for about thirty years in my parents house except our one had a silver skirt.


  2. Aww I do love seeing how other people decorate their tree! I think it looks very festive and personal which is wonderful, oh and it looks so colourful too! Gorgeous. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst….see you next year!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely love it!! I think anything goes and why not? It’s one of the wonders of Christmas – I definitely recognise that yellow satiny-looking bauble as something my Mum and Dad had on the tree when I was growing up. Beautiful! X #HomeEtc

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy new year girls! I cannot BELIEVE I totally forgot to do all my comments for the last #HomeEtc. So much was going on just before Christmas but that’s no excuse!! Am so naughty!! AND sorry!!!

    You’ve totally transported me back to my own childhood here β€” this is exactly like the tree we had when I was little. And we HAD that angel!! Yours has a green skirt and ours had a gold one β€” but the SAME scary face!!! Had almost forgotten about her!! Wonder where she is? πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to starting another year of #HomeEtc tomorrow β€” I hope that you’ll come and join us xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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