Review – Big Fish Little Fish Jingle Bell Ball


Remember those BC* days  when you could head out with a whistle round your neck, hotpants on, podium dance at the ready and get sweaty raving the night away in a smoke -filled club?

Well, don’t dismay kids…you can relive your lost youth (without the cigarette smoke) at one of the Big Fish Little Fish events. Oh yes sir-ee these kind people provide child-friendly daytime discos for the post-rave generation. Or as they call it the 2-4 hour party people.


When we arrived at the venue (The Phoenix Centre in Exeter) the queue was snaking around the building. No doubt this event was popular with the yummy mummies and sometime rave slaves. It was a windy day and standing outside in the cold with tots is not much fun, but we were soon allowed in, hands stamped with a smiley face.

The parties are mainly aimed at families with children under the age of eight. There was a soft play area for pre-walkers next to the (very busy) cafe.


We headed upstairs to the chillout zone. In this room we found face painting (amazing, see the results above and below), a prosecco bar and an area where you could have your photo taken. There were a number of mini Father Christmases running around as the theme was Christmas fancy dress. I especially admired the parent-toddler festive matching outfits.




Next we headed to the story-telling room. The girls soon got restless, but I could tell that Freddie (the reluctant raver) would have stayed in this room all afternoon listening to magical stories told by Katy Cawkwell.


So we made our way back downstairs and to the big rave room. This darkened room was filled with kids and adults getting their groove on to the tunes being softly blasted out (or is that a contradiction in terms?) by  DJ Cakeboy and Little My.

The girls made a bee-line for the giant colouring in mural. Martha and I made some shapes on the dancefloor, shaking our free glowsticks.


We didn’t have time to explore the craft table. It was very busy and a little bit dark as it was tucked into the back of the rave room. Time for a quick cuppa in the cafe and then home.



A great time was had by all. We now have three hardcore ravers on our hands. School discos are going to look pretty tame after this.

*BC = Before Children (of course!)

We were kindly gifted the tickets to the Big Fish Little Fish Jingle Bell Ball. All words and photos are our own.




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