Corners of my Home – Favourite Things


Hello and welcome to my kitchen. Or to be specific my kitchen shelves.  My favourite part of my kitchen. Higgedly-piggedly, kitsch and clashing. I love these things.



I adore collecting crockery. It is a definite weakness. These coffee cups were thrifted from a local charity shop. The plates you can see at the back are Norwegian Turi-Design. I picked them up from the best carboot sale in the world (it’s in South Devon and that is all I can tell you!). Unlike the other bits and pieces on the shelf they don’t get used. I just treasure them too much.


Portobello coffee cups


Granny’s teapot


In pride of place sits my Gran’s teapot. My Dad and my Aunts and Uncle all clubbed together to buy this for my Granparents 25th Wedding Anniversary. My gran probably never used it but kept it (like me) in pride of place. I use it everyday and it makes a great morning cuppa.


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure




Do you have a favourite place in your house. A place that sums you up perfectly? Please let us know?



Thanks for popping by.

Love Kim x

Home Etc

12 thoughts on “Corners of my Home – Favourite Things

  1. Ah, lovely Kim. My nana had a teapot very like that, just for good use too. Like you, I prefer to use things rather than just storing them in a display case. You’ve a great collection.
    I think my whole kitchen sums me up.

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  2. Oh my god, those mugs – I’m sure my parents used to have plates with that pattern from my childhood memories! This display is so kitsch and cool, and I love that you actually use them too! x #HomeEtc

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  3. This looks fabulous!!! I was totally drawn by the description too! And THEY are kitsch aren’t they?! That would have been the height of modern design in the late 60’s, early 70’s. They wouldn’t have even HAD the word ‘kitsch’ back then!!! Lovely!! 🙂 Thanks so much linking up with us 🙂 #HomeEtc

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    1. Love kitsch! Some may say ‘tasteless’ or ‘tacky’ but to me ‘kitsch’ sounds so much better. (If I have another child I may choose it for a name – Kitsch Broadbent has a certain ring!)


  4. Love this corner of your home – especially the top shelf, those mugs are just perfect! I used to have a weakness for charity shop mugs and picked up a great collection from a charity shop in Canterbury that were only 10p each. I’ve replaced them all now (they weren’t as nice as your ones!).

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