Corners of our home – Playroom

Art supplies and artwork

Hello and welcome to the twins’ playroom. The place where play happens. The place where mess happens. Alot of mess happens.

Decorated letters

In this room I have tried to incorporate both children’s interests. They both love painting and glueing (I blame Mister Maker). I love displaying all their artwork and try to encourage them to be as creative as possible (although obviously I keep the paint and glue underlock and key, I’m no fool).

A vintage bedspread makes a great framed picture.

Most of the furniture here is upcycled. The playroom is constantly in a state of flux as the twins develop different interests and obsessions. What I love about this room is that they can play together, with jigsaws, the cooker and dressing-up box. However, it also reflects their own (very gender-specific – what can I say!) passions. Therefore we have some crazy-haired bikini clad Barbies and boxes of cars. Sometimes Barbie gets to drive a car and I have tried to encourage a game called ‘Barbie the mechanic’. I enjoyed myself anyway.

Dolls and dinosaurs

The wooden cooker is probably the most played with toy, along with the trolley of groceries (on the far right). The melamine cups and saucers (from a carboot) are great for play picnics too.

Bucket of Barbies

I wish I had some unified storage system in this room (hello Ikea!) but everything has a place and if it doesn’t it gets chucked into the cupboard to be dragged out again tomorrow.


Do you have a play place? Where do you store your toys? We love hearing from you guys so please leave a comment. x

By Kim

Home Etc
A Cornish Mum


15 thoughts on “Corners of our home – Playroom

  1. Your playroom looks gorgeous. I love your upcycled furniture. I need you to come and work your magic on ours! Ours currently has the most offensive old fashioned carpet you’ve ever since (it was previous owners’ dining room) so toys get lost in the pattern. Can’t wait to change it and put my two boys’ stamp on it. But at the same time I feel very fortunate to have a space – any kind of space – to call a playroom and store the millions of toys (mainly hand-me-downs). What kind of floor do you have in yours? I’m thinking of going with one of those really hard-wearing, almost wipeable carpets (can’t think what it’s called), or being bold and putting down wooden floorboards – the only thing is I like it being cosy.

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    1. Thanks. Like you our playroom was formerly the dining-room and the old dear who lived here before carpeted the entire house in hideous green carpet! I am waiting until the twins are bit older to replace it and like you I want something wipeable and cosy. The best thing about having a playroom is just shutting the door on all the mess at bedtime, isn’t it?


  2. Our daughter has her own playroom too. She loves spending the day in there cooking in her kitchen, climbing on her foam gym, and playing with her blocks. We are in the process of making it more cohesive decor wise like yours. Looks great!

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  3. Our play space is….our house! Actually most of the action takes place in the corner of our kitchen but I so would love to have a play room one day…loving yours and having some play room envy right now. Thanks so much for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely! x

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    1. Ha ha don’t be fooled – most of the toys get dragged into the front room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, etc, etc. The main benefit of a playroom is that I can grab armfuls of toys at the end of the day and throw them carelessly in there, firmly shutting the door behnd me!

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  4. I would LOVE our boys to have a dedicated space for a playroom. Our snug currently houses most of their toys β€” and a little desk β€” but it would be SO nice to be able to shut the door on it all at the end of the day!! NONE of it really has a ‘place’ of it’s own and it all gets lobbed into big baskets when the boys have gone to bed. Totally love this β€” am very envious!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with us! πŸ™‚ #HomeEtc

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