The Random Precious Toy

I get that most children will have a much loved special toy. Perhaps a bear that they were given when they were a baby. Or a cuddly cloth they can’t be parted with (much to their parents frustration). But what about that odd, cheap, ugly toy that suddenly becomes their most treasured possession?

I give you, the orange plastic screwdriver. A toy beyond all toys. So beloved that my son will call for it in his sleep. It is the first thing he asks for when he wakes up. It goes everywhere with him: to pre-school, to the pool, on picnics, to the park.

In play it can be used to mend practically anything from ‘broken’ stools to poorly arms. It can be used to tap a sister on the head when she is annoying. And even once to eat spaghetti, before mummy intervened.

This random little toy has super powers that no other (not even mummy or daddy can provide). Miracously it can dry tears when offered. It can heal pain when produced at the right moment. It can prevent arguments and restore order. You’ve gotta hand it to this screw-driver. It is the Barack Obama, the Mother Teresa, the Gandi of the toy box and for that I give praise.

All the hail the orange plastic screwdriver. Long may it reign.

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14 thoughts on “The Random Precious Toy

  1. What a mighty screwdriver! You should bottle its powers and sell it for millions. I love the random toys they choose as their most favourite and their best. It’s so hard to predict. Love it 🙂 #abitofeverything


  2. Aw bless, we had a yellow truck like this it went everywhere and I wouldn’t mind that too was a cheap one, and he had many much nicer trucks but no it had to be the cheap ugly one that went everywhere x

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