Blogging from home…

Welcome to sisterkin HQ…

A normal day in the office

Here at Sisterplex (as our head office is known) we run a pretty tight ship (Lego pirate). However, we like to encourage our staff to relax and have fun. Of course like all cutting-edge workspaces these days we have toys and facilities to help the staff relax. Blog meetings involve a lot of play and of course the MUM (like a CEO and obviously The Boss but with more menial duties) must participate in all games, regardless of what she was already doing or any deadlines she might have.

You should bring your whole-self to work (+ anything else you can leave lying around)

Here at Sisterplex we believe that play leads to creativity, which leads to innovation, even if that leads to no actual work be done AT ALL!


At the end of the day when nothing whatsoever has been achieved, we allow the staff to go to bed early. This leaves the MUM time to wonder what she actually done with her day. And, to plan for tomorrow, where just like today the blog-life balance will be all out of kilter, she will be endlessly interupted and wind up considering getting a real job.

We would love to hear about your experience of blogging from home with children under your feet. Please let us know.

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25 thoughts on “Blogging from home…

  1. Love this post! Most of my blogging gets done when my little one is asleep or out of the house, otherwise I end up with random strings of ‘===================””””’######’ added into every blog post (she has a thing for pressing the keyboard!).


    1. Ha ha or finding that your password has been changed or being constantly bombarded with requests to watch Bing on the ‘puter. I would do it when the kids are in bed but quite frankly I am too frazzled. Thanks for commenting (I love your blog btw!)

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  2. I’m just starting out, but I already know that if I bring out the laptop, Little Miss A will try to shut it so I do as much as I can when she’s at nursery, while she’s napping or after she’s gone to bed.
    Of course, if I absolutely have to get stuff done then Bing or Peppa on the telly will get me a good amount of time! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes – when the twins are at pre-school I can hoover the whole house, do two loads of washing, make tea, write a blog and do the shopping. You gotta make the most of the time. Good luck with your blog – I will try to squeeze in a few minutes to check it out x


  3. It’s a challenge. I don’t attempt to write when my tot is awake. I make enough mistakes when I’m giving it my full attention. Looking forward to the future when I might get a moments peace at some point during his waking hours.

    Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst x


    1. Ah those precious moments of peace – when you start something only to be interupted minutes later. I haven’t given anything my full attention (with the exception of the H&M app) for almost 3 years. Sigh.

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    1. Cute – I’m sure my kids have the skewed view that you can only use your phone when you are on the toilet – it’s the only time I get some peace!! Thanks for your comment x


  4. I love that I am not alone! My house is a bit (actually a lot) like this. But your photos make it look so bearable – what a fun HQ it is. Love that your staffs are enjoying the layout too. No one day is the same. Haha 🙂 Thank you for linking up with me again. x #FabFridayPost


  5. This is strangely familiar…. do we family share? :p hehehe
    It’s typical that when I have the most to do, is when they have the most needs. haha “I’m thirsty, hungry” “I need my orange cup” and no other cup will be good enough…and of course the orange cup is no where to be found…
    The list goes on! hehe

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  6. I also suffer from child distraction…although more likely to be of the meltdown/refusal to do anything except watch Peppa Pig variety- we are in the midst of terrible twos. As a result we are out a lot and I end up having to write in the evenings. I like the sisterly co-operation and the cousins must have fun too. #PoCoLo

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  7. Ha ha this is very funny – I literally get NOTHING done workwise when my kids are at home – it’s just impossible so I have given up trying now. So I wait until they’re in bed and then GO! Thanks so much for linking up to #ParentingPicks Mim x PS if you could change the link to that would be lovely!! x

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  8. Lol great post, I work during a day so have a couple of hours after Monjey had gone to bed to get bits done! What I do find is that I tend to spend all my time participating in linkys and not writing new content and as for pitching – well it doesn’t happen! Maybe one day I will get better organised xx #picknmix xx


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