5 Amazing Things we did in October

A family trip to Lego Land

Yup, we joined the masses and went to the land of tiny coloured bricks. We even stayed in the Lego hotel (made out of Lego but stuck together with glue as my son reported after he had done a risk assessment). As our half term was a week earlier than everyone else the park was relatively quiet. The kids thoroughly loved it but even my two girly girls were bemused by the Lego Friends show (Lego Friends – what is that all about anyway?). Already planning our next trip.

  IMG_0063    IMG_0082   IMG_0124

A visit to Cotehele

We finally got around to visiting this National Trust hidden gem. The grounds are beautiful and the house is perfect for those with a short attention span (I’m talking about me here). At the quay you can explore the Shamrock, or as the children called it Swashbuckle boat, then have a relaxing coffee before tackling the small discovery centre. However the best bit for me were the beautiful grounds (which are free). We will definitely be going back to see/make the famous Christmas flower garland.

IMG_0279   IMG_0268


A wander around Castle Drogo

I have loved Castle Drogo ever since I first visited as a child myself. So even though the house is wrapped in scaffolding, we took the kids there. The half-term events were brilliant for the (easily bored) seven year-old. Everyone loved exploring the gardens and the Bunty House. We enjoyed ourselves so much we got annual membership to the National Trust.

IMG_0672   IMG_0643

Lunch at Ullacombe Farm

Fun for all the family at this farm shop and cafe. We enjoyed a delicious Sunday roast (highly recommended) and then let the kids loose in the play area. When we finally prized them away from the orange tractor we followed the woodland path up and around the farm. On a sunny autumn day this was positively magical, especially when a friendly goat approached us and wanted to be stroked. The kids loved floating pooh stick and looking for the elusive dummy fairy (coming to visit our house shortly). Roasts, tractors, goats = something for everyone here.

IMG_0030        IMG_0029

Pumpkin carving

OK so the results are not pinterest-worthy but we had a lot of fun carving our own (abstract) pumpkins. Hollowing the blighters out was tricky and allowing the kids free-ish range with knives was heart-stopping at times, but this is was childhood memories are all about, don’t you agree?

IMG_0.487 (11)        

What have you been up to? Let us know.

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3 thoughts on “5 Amazing Things we did in October

  1. Wow- that all sounds amazing. I haven’t made it to any of the places you’ve mentioned yet but I’d love to. So many bloggers are posting about visiting National Trust sites and making me really jealous and homesick. I love that pumpkins look so amazing when they’re lit up even if they’re not a carving masterpiece. Glad everyone survived with all their fingers.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x


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