5 of the Best Reasons to Live in South Devon

Here at sisterkin we are incredibly proud to call Devon our home and be true Devonians to our country bumpkin hearts.

Why would we want to live anywhere else when we have…

1. The Countryside

Or as we like to call it the moors.Where we live we are surrounded by the stuff. It’s everywhere. Sometimes it’s so everywhere that we forget. But a quick (ha ha with 3 kids, I don’t think so!) stride up to Haytor or a cycle around Haldon Forest and you soon remember how amazing South Devon is.


2. The Beach

What’s not to love – the beach is King! There is water, sand and occasionally ice cream. Our favourite beaches are Salcombe North Sands, Teignmouth (Back Beach), Shaldon and the Ness, Oddicombe and Meadfoot. But keep it to yourself we don’t want the grockles finding out.

3. Freedom

OK, it’s not a tangible thing, but I remember when I moved to London as a teenager and I could’ve wept for those poor kids growing up in the city. With all their street-cred and latest fashions they had no idea what they were missing.  Those trendy young things had never surfed a wave (this was the mid-nineties before everyone discovered Cornwall), they had never camped on Dartmoor, never caught the train to Dawlish Warren after school for a swim. And without those things what is childhood?

4. Clotted Cream

If you hail from Devon or Cornwall clotted cream is almost certainly a staple part of your diet. You are permitted to eat it at any time of the day. You may dollop it on your cornflakes, on your ice-cream, on your toast with a banana (if you’re really posh), on your runner beans (no kidding) and, not forgetting, on your scone with your cream tea. Just remember the cream goes on first my luvvers!

5. Trago Mills*

Love it or hate it Trago Mills is here. Personally I love it early on a weekday without the kids (that never ever happens believe me). And personally I loathe it on a Sunday with the kids and everyone else in the world getting in my way! To me it’s like one of those big American Malls, but with pasties and peacocks.

Pasties and peacocks…we love South Devon!

*To the uninitiated Trago Mills is a very large discount shopping emporium in the style of a concrete Norman castle.


What’s so great about where you live? Let us know and maybe we’ll pay you a visit….

(This post was previously published on our previous sisterkin site.)

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19 thoughts on “5 of the Best Reasons to Live in South Devon

  1. I love Devon! I grew up in a seaside-and-countryside area in North West Wales so I totally get number 3 – we used to feel so sorry for all the ‘city kids’ who only got to experience this beautiful area once a year! This is a lovely post and makes me want to visit Devon again! #fartglitter


  2. Those all sound ace. I’m with you, I had a country upbringing and don’t want to raise my tot in a city. Would rather he was out climbing trees and getting mucky every day. Here in Thailand it’s never cold so my tot has never owned a jacket. You can swim outdoors all year round and there’s all kinds of cool wildlife to explore. Most days I’d swap it all for a bit of British countryside though.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x


    1. I love Thailand – I lived in Bangkok for 6 months about 10 years ago and adored every second, so I am very jealous of you. Dare I say it, the sea is probably a tad warmer to swim in than in Torquay. Love your blog x


  3. Ah man the sea and countryside is just gorgeous! Totally get you. Looks fabulous. I also am very partial to a cream tea when I get the chance. How brilliant to love where you live so much! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you again xx


  4. Hmmm, Devonshire clotted cream! Yum!
    Great things about Oxfordshire are the amazing views over the countryside; the proximity to so many places (London in 40mins; Southampton in 90mins; Jersey in a couple of hours!!); and the huge variety of things to do. All we’re missing is the beach and seaside!


  5. Oh wow you totally sold me this place!! I was already feeling I was there enjoying the sea, the countryside, the activities, etc. I have been around Devon before but there is so many more places to visit. I love the idea of being near the sea. I’m originally from Peru and my parents live in front of the sea with an amazing view so this is one of the things I miss a lot atm as I live in London now. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 xx


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