Adventure, Apples and Autumn

Who doesn’t love Autumn when it starts with apple picking and juicing? This is what it’s all about – living the seasons and loving the countryside.

Here is Sisterkin’s guide to a perfect early Autumn day…

Harvest time. Go ahead – help yourself. There’s enough for everyone and more besides. Let’s make ourselves some scrumpy.

Get the kids to net the harvest. We use the eat one – bag one method.

Yum – scrunched apples. You can almost smell them from there can’t you?

You can’t beat fresh juice. (Well, actually you can and ’tis called cider me ‘ansum).

Apple picking is thirsty work but you’ve earned that juice.

Then drive off in yer tractor. A good day’s work. Time for a pint o’ scrumpy.

With thanks to Parke, Bovey Tracey and Ullacombe Farm


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