A Week in Freddie’s wardrobe – Diary of a Fussy dresser

Who would think that a two year old digger-loving, laidback little boy could be such a finickety fashionista.  Dressing Freddie every day take patience, persuasion and practice in the pitfalls of parenting.


Today the twins have pre-school in the morning. Martha happily pulls on her  yellow and brown uniform/t-shirt. Freddie, on the other hand, stares at his t-shirt forlornly and declares “I want the digger one!”

“What about this one with the bee?” I say, helpfully holding up the seventies inspired uniform.

Freddie shakes his curly head, “No, digger one, digger one.”

I hand him his scrubby, worn out, well-loved JCB t-shirt and sigh.

Freddie 1 – Mummy 0

The most favourite T-shirt


Today we are going to see Grandma and Great Auntie Mary for lunch. It would be nice to be smart I foolishly think.

“Hey Fred, look at this lovely shirt, just like Daddy’s” I beam, taking a colourful checked number from the drawer.

Freddie looks disheartened. “No mummy, want the orange digger one.”

“Oh, look this one is like Bill’s school shirt.” I say in the vain hope he will wear a plain white polo shirt like his 7 year old hero and cousin Bill. “Now you have a choice.” I declare firmly, “Daddy’s shirt or Bill’s t-shirt.”

“I WANT ORANGE DIGGER ONE!!” yells the two year old fashionista.

To prevent further histronics and to leave the house on time I pull yesterday digger t-shirt from the washing basket and relent.

Freddie 2 – Mummy (and smartness) 0


Playing in the park is the plan for today. I have washed the spare digger t-shirt and offer it up to my son.

He frowns “I want a choice”

Huh, where did that come from? “Er…OK.” I rifle through the drawer tugging out some t-shirts that have never ever seen the light of day. T-shirts with lighthouses on, t-shirts with monkeys on, t-shirts that cost me an arm and a leg. All unworn by a little boy who knows what he likes.

“No I want Bill-bo’s school shirt!”

Today he leaves the house undiggered up (but carrying a yellow toy excavator to the park to make up for this).

No score draw


Freddie doesn’t believe in pyjamas. I can convince him to wear pyjama bottoms but as for a top, haha no way! So last night he wore his second best digger t-shirt to bed. He would like to keep it on today.

“But Freddie you wore this in bed last night and it has porridge all down the front.”

“Waaaaaant tooooo keeeeep it oooooooon…” he’s on the floor at this point, tantrum ready.

I realise I need to chose my battles and as I really really need to brush his dreadlocks tangly hair, I give in.

Freddie leaves the house in a grungey, crusty, slept-in t-shirt but hey at least his hair looks neat and tidy. I feel like I have at least won one battle.

Freddie 1 – Mummy 1


The weather today is autumnal and sadly Freddie has no digger-emblazoned jumpers. I manage to sneak a vest on him, slipped under his yellow JCB T-shirt.

As we are about to leave the house I put a cardi on Martha and then try to pull a jumper over Freddie’s head. He starts wriggling and complaining instantly.

“Freddie, it has a cement mixer on it. Look.” I attempt to placate him.

“Don’t like jumpers, don’t like it.” He shrieks.

“Come on Fred, it’s cold out” I say, not only because I am worried that he will be chilly but because I know all the other children at pre-school will be dressed up warmly. I don’t want to be frowned upon for not clothing my child adequately.

Needlesstosay Freddie goes out without a jumper on.

Freddie 1 – Mummy, jumpers and all other t-shirts in the universe 0


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