It’s a Twin Thing – Gender Stereotypes

I recently read a fantastic article on Mr Fox* by Harriet Cobbold Hielte about gender stereotypes and how they impact on the way we raise our chidren (she lives in Sweden where they seem to have it sussed). This got me to thinking about my twins. A boy and a girl born (more or less) at the same time, brought up sharing toys, sharing a room and being together almost all of the time. How and why had they become so gender specific in their ways?

My daughter can not get enough of princesses. If she had her own way she would wear flouncy, dressing up dresses or tutus morning, noon and night (not that I have a problem with this. After all my sister and I were pretty much the same at her age.) Ask her what her favourite colour is and she will answer pink without any hesitation. And her current obsession, plastic high heel shoes (not so sure about this one.)

My son on the other hand can only talk about diggers. Where did that come from? He will only wear clothes emblazoned with digger motifs (although he did recently wear a t-shirt bearing a picture of a tractor. Result!) At pre-school he rushes in a immediately starts playing with the train track, garage, toy cars etc.

So am I guilty of raising my children according to the gender stereotypes that our society dictates? And should I feel bad about that?

*Read the afore mentioned article here :


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